We have been trading with Calconut, S.L since 2022 with a production of almost 700 tons per year and have never made a mistake in quality. Because product quality and responsibility to partners have been verified by more than one hundred of our large and small customers from 31 countries around the world, maintaining our reputation throughout the years.

Faced with the accusations, Calconut, S.L is trying to explain and cover up their fraudulent behavior with images of unknown quality and not at all convincing.

Meanwhile, what we and international partners need is an explanation about: “Why did Calconut, S.L use fake bank information to steal the original documents and transport the container out of the port without paying according to the contract terms?”

In order to appropriate the “compensation” amount of over 38,000.00USD, Calconut, S.L gradually set traps for us in a very cunning way:

  1. Providing fake bank information to steal original documents and take control of the shipment. (has been being successful before but not detected)
  2. Sending photos of goods seriously damaged by insects but cannot prove the origin of the goods and force us to compensate for that damage.
  3. Requiring us to simultaneously pay unreasonable commissions and sign a compensation agreement of more than 38,000.00 USD otherwise Calconut will not pay for the containers they stole.

For 3 FOB containers being delivered to Misurata port, Libya, after discovering the bank address was fake, we repeatedly asked Calconut to correct the information but not only did they not do it, but they also changed it with many different fake information.

After deciding to recall these 3 containers, Calconut continued to force us very perverse to pay the entire ocean freight by deducting it from the remaining payment amount.

All caused us a huge loss and forced us to sign the Credit Note to get back money.

We absolutely have enough evidence for what has been stated above:

  1. Emails in which Calconut representatives sent fake bank addresses.
  2. Information proving that the bank personnel provided by Calconut were all employees of the shipping companies who assisted them in stealing the original set of documents.
  3. The messages forced us to pay the commission of more than 20,000.00 USD to Mr. Joost Hendrick and compensate over 38,000.00 USD to Calconut, etc

Once again, we would like to remind be especially careful with Calconut !!!

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