We would like to sincerely apologize for the recent incident of untrue statements about us and commercial fraud by Calconut, S.L that have disturbed everyone and caused many customers to worry about quality and be bewildered.

This letter is written with the purpose of correcting the false information that Calconut, S.L has released, as well as affirming that We will be responsible in business as we have always been.

We have been trading with Calconut, S.L since 2022 with a production of almost 700 tons per year and have never made a mistake in quality. Because product quality and responsibility to partners have been verified by more than one hundred of our large and small customers from 31 countries around the world, maintaining our reputation throughout the years.

When they took our container without payment by stealing documents, their representative sent us some pictures of quality without inspection and proofs and told us it was our quality to force us to accept a big claim and pay his big commission which he sent a commission invoice every month (now he call “bribe”). After deducting all, they will pay us the balance. If We don’t accept him, We will have no choice to get back the money.

One more thing, they bought 3 FOB containers and after We found out their fake Bank address, We asked them to give the correct information. But they did not and forced us to pay Ocean freight to their forwarder agent by deducting to balance payment.

All caused us a huge loss and forced us to sign a Credit Note to get back our money.

We guarantee that what we have just stated above is completely true, we have enough evidence for Calconut, S.L’s fraud. You can refer to one of them listed below or learn more about this incident through the articles on our website.

Emails in which Calconut, S.L representatives provided us with false bank information.

The detailed information of the collecting bank and payer provided by Calconut, S.L has been stamped to confirm the sending of the set of documents by our bank.

Email that Calconut, S.L’s representative sent to request monthly commission from us by his private company and when he caused the problem, he called it “bribe”. What a funny guy!

Sincerely thanks!

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